The 3 Week Diet Review A Big Scam?

The 3 week Diet is a unique dietary plan made for all those users who are serious about losing stubborn fat through changes in their diet. It is a 96 page guide created by its creator Brian Flatt who says that the users can lose 10-20 pounds of body weight in just three weeks or so. It is not a very strict dieting regime that is not too time consuming or very difficult to follow. Brian Flatt is a famous sports nutritionist and health coach who created the three week diet plan after 12 years of research. Several users have tried this scientifically proven weight loss system and have reaped sweet benefits out of it.

3-week-diet-downloadBrian Flatt has a degree in biology from San Diego State University and he has been in the fitness industry since the 90’s. Brian is the owner of Rev Fitness that is based in Southern California. Getting started with the 3 Week Diet System is very simple. All you need to do is to make the payment online to the official website of 3 day diet system and begin downloading the manuals and related material. First, calculate your personalized diet schedule according to your body requirements. Next, go through all the four user manuals and create a full nutrition and workout plan for yourself. Finally, begin the program in a step-by-step and strict manner from the next day onwards.

The main idea behind this special diet plan is to make the body store the fat already present for energy requirements. After this occurs, the body enters the starvation mode and will start burning the stored fat to fuel heart, liver and other important organs. The three week diet plan is extremely safe and scientifically proved program and is guaranteed to work on every man and women. The users who have tried this diet plan have experienced positive results and successfully lost 10-20 lbs. of unwanted body weight. Brian Flatts has divided this guide into four main parts to clearly explain its concept.

3 Week Diet Pros:
Here are the main advantages of the 3 week diet plan as given by Brian Flatts:

The Three Week Diet is ideal for busy people – Brian invented this unique program for very busy people that do not find spare time to devote to their health and diet. The three week diet review program only asks for 20-30 minutes of light exercising for 3 days in a week which is not that difficult.
Three week diet program is a well-recognized and scientifically proven method to burn fat from your body. A good feature of the three week diet plan is that Brian Flatts has tested his latest program on himself first and then revealed it to the users. Therefore, it is safe to try and is guaranteed to work.
Three week diet plan is a fast-action and result-oriented weight loss program unlike the many others. The notion that only slow weight loss is Safe and Healthy is not true at all. Most people are not focused and motivated to lose weight and this is why don’t achieve the results through other diet plans. But, the 3-week diet plan guarantees to work on your body fat in just 21 days, if you promise to abide by all instructions and tips.
The 3 week diet plan is backed by a 60-day full money back guarantee so the user should feel assured and confident in using it.
Besides, Brian Flatt is a renowned health expert since many years and has received much positive feedback from consumers all over the world.
3 Week Diet Cons:
As we know that no diet plan made till now is perfect in all sense. Same is with the 3 week diet plan. Its main disadvantages are:

The three week diet plan is available in digital form only and can be downloaded via the Internet from its official website only.
The three week diet plan does make light exercising mandatory for the users along with strict adherence to diet plans.
The 3 week diet plan makes the user spend a bit extra in the form of supplements and other substances.
The program is available only in a soft copy form, hard copy form is unavailable.
Some of the users have complained that the topics could have been elaborated more that would have made it easier to understand.
The guide lacks some scientific references.

As with any type of program, weight loss or otherwise, you need to put in the effort to see results. It won’t happen overnight, but with the 3 week timeline and risk-free guarantee there’s really no excuse not to try it. Overall, the 3 Week Diet program gets a ‘thumbs up’ from me. If you would like to try the program, checkout the above link.

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